Feedback about our Career Coaching:

Testimonial from Fergus Pitt

“Cecily, the sessions you ran for me were massively helpful and have yielded a big tangible result faster than I expected. They were enjoyable as well. In particular, I appreciate the techniques you had for helping me identify and articulate what would motivate and fulfil me, and how to talk about my value. It resulted in a set of stepping stones that led to a new job that leverages my experience and skills, and looks like it’ll provide a great professional trajectory for the future. Thanks again.” Fergus Pitt

Fergus heard about Cecily through friends and colleagues and has since got a new role and referred other friends and colleagues”

Feedback about our Executive Coaching:

The quality of your coach determines the quality of coaching. Leadership development is the focus of all consultants at Moreton Executive Coaching. Many managers who started as engineers, scientists and accountants, have now moved to General Manager and Chief Executive roles and continue to work closely with her.

UNSW Director Post Graduate Studies

“Cecily has helped me to step up and to get to the next level. She is incredibly good at providing feedback, both constructive and frank, and developing strategies for decision-making and practical ways to engage key people. Cecily has helped me to grow as a leader, but most importantly, she has helped me to understand what kind of leader I want to be, and to build on my personal strengths and aspirations.”

UNSW Leadership program

“Cecily has such a generously warm personality and is extremely perceptive; she provided me with significant insights and helpful strategies. I think she really is a fantastic asset to the leadership program…it definitely had a great impact on my life.”

“…I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. 1) It helped me understand the roles that people play [in management power dynamics] … and resolving it is extremely valuable. 2) I became aware of personality types, and ways to reach personalities that were completely different to mine. 3) I now have tools to accomplish my goals, rather than panic in the middle of a situation. Although I learned other valuable techniques, I think these 3 are life changing for me.”

Testimonial from General Manager Production, Electricity Generation Company (Name and contacts provided on request)

“I have been working with Cecily Moreton for over 10 years. Cecily’s coaching skills have been critical in assisting my career, the career of managers who have worked for me and the leadership capabilities of the teams she has helped me with. This was from my early years as a frontline manager through to my current roles in Executive Management. I have become absolutely convinced that personal growth as a leader cannot be achieved without effective, open and honest personal coaching.”

“Cecily brings a wealth of pragmatic psychological expertise and a deep understanding of human behaviour to her role as an executive coach. She shows a great ability to connect with people. She shows a great concern for the people she coaches while being prepared to challenge the uncomfortable issues, the blind spots that may be holding a person back. She also brings a wealth of leadership and managerial tools that can assist a leader work through complex Organisational change.”

“I owe Cecily a great personal debt. I believe I would not have achieved the personal and career success I now enjoy and hope to grow from in the future without her strong coaching capabilities and personal interest in me.”

“It is not just years of experience but your unique experience that sets you apart. You’re a deep sea diver – the most experienced coach I know.”

“Other coaches have good tools and processes, but do they know about life, phases of life, deep meaning, and truth.”

 Feedback from Leadership Development Program (LDP)

“It has been a confronting and challenging program. My biggest takeout has been that relationships are everything. It is a problem that we get stuck in our silos. This group has been valuable, because building effective relationships is essential. In particular having a team goal was important because it made us work across the silos, and I learn by doing. Having input at the Board strategy session was really gratifying.”

“I would tell prospective LDP candidates that most of the year you will be most uncomfortable, but at the end of the day it allows you to reflect and grow and it is great learning. Coaching is essential – it is the monthly meeting that doesn’t let you off the hook; it gives you an opportunity to reflect and especially to practise so you change old behaviours. With the one-to-one coaching sessions it is safe to be more open than anywhere else. I am much clearer about insisting that what we are doing should be adding value to [the company].”

“The coach has the experience from all the other companies they work in – and so they give you access to so much experience from other companies too. The confidentiality is essential – you can really say things and test how it comes across that you would never say in the business. The coach tailors all the leadership learning to my situation and I can use it more effectively. It was good to have exposure to key people. I am much clearer about where to focus my efforts, who to have conversations with, and how to influence decisions that affect us.”

“Coaching means the learning is tailored to you, your role, and to your style. I had a real light bulb moment in the middle of the year. At first I thought things weren’t really running as they should, especially for the group project. And then I realised that it was up to us to lead it – that was the whole point! Leadership is about people, and that means us ourselves. It’s good to have space to reflect on things.”

“Coaching forced me to put actions to words. Coaching really challenged me. It was good to make me try out new ways, give it a go, reflect, bounce back. I have kicked a lot of goals – just take the last month. I’ve presented at a conference and that was like a rehearsal for the one I’m presenting at this week. The best things about the whole Leadership Development Program have been the opportunity to interact with peers across the company, and access to executive coaching. It has been a great opportunity to challenge myself and ask the hard questions. The coach provided a positive and persistent approach to working through challenges. I realized I had not persuaded others in the company about the role or importance of [my area] and that is my current leadership challenge.”

Examples of Leadership Development Program mid-course feedback with a group of Senior Managers

What is the most valuable learning you have gained in the last 3 months?

  • That I need to start thinking and sounding and looking like a senior executive. I realised I needed to be less task focussed and more visionary. I am much more positive. You challenged me to claim my authority – I am OK!
  • I have learned that relationships ARE important; and that politics can’t be ignored. I have gained confidence – I communicate better, delegate better, I give and receive feedback better, and I feel better and stronger.
  • The Parent Adult Child model – I use it every day – helped me through difficult conversations to get a good outcome. I am working in a more efficient way and enjoying home time more and then working better – better work life balance.
  • Discovery that I am not open – a big insight. I have stopped being reactive and become responsible and I am much more focused on relationships.
  • I thought I was a good leader but now I realise I am a really good manager and am learning to be relationship focused – senior execs are good leaders because they have influential relationships with all the stakeholders. I have discovered I am not a good communicator – and I am working on improving it!

What is the attitude of the coach toward you?

What dynamic has enabled/inhibited your learning?

  • I trusted you straight away, you are always helpful.
  • You are good at listening and interject with pearls of wisdom.
  • I like it that you get excited.
  • Only once you started to give me feedback and did not check I was already doing it.
  • You’ve been very helpful – you plant seeds so I’ll get there myself; you’ve never played the Parent; your experiences and stories and examples are very helpful.

Please give your coach feedback – what is working?

  • You get what it means and you celebrate, and you inspire the positive behaviours you want to see.
  • I have learned to self-reflect.
  • I am coping! It is good to tell the big story, break it down, get a systematic way to reflect on it and action things.
  • The best things are the feedback, suggestions on how to build relationships, the models which are really clear in my mind, and the opportunity and space to just talk and reflect with you.
  • Learning this reflective process, this meta-conversation, is good – I am beginning to use it myself.

Please give your coach feedback – what is needed to improve things for you?

  • Keep up the feedback because I am adaptable and quick to action it.
  • I still need to communicate more of what I think and feel. I need to be more open and have a relationship with colleagues that is not just work focussed.
  • It took a few sessions to get into sync but that was in part because I was overwhelmed and now I just want more and more of your input on how to deal with things.
  • Don’t change anything! Maybe you could challenge me more.
  • I would like this to go on as long as possible.