4th Women in Project Management Leadership Summit

We are proud to have been part of the The 4th Women in Project Management Leadership Summit 2016 in Sydney 23-26 May. Contact us for more practical advice and strategies for leadership excellence and career advancement.

Cecily Moreton - Women in Project Management Leadership Summit

Interview in Australian Financial Review 14-15 June 2014 with Dr Cecily Moreton and Westpac Director Stuart Findlay

Moreton, C (2006) Executive Coaching for Conscious Leadership: Insight into Insight PhD thesis UWS

I am delighted to hear that leadership development and coach training organisations are using the final discussion chapter from my PhD Thesis as a “cutting edge text”!

So, for all of you who are passionate about Conscious Leadership, click on this link to Chapter 7.

Dr Cecily Moreton November 2011

There is a special edition on Executive Coaching in Company Director, the magazine of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, February 2011.

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About Leadership and Executive Coaching and the Return on Investment in People (ROI).

(Notes drawn from Eichinger and Lombardo 2004)

“Executive Coaching” and “Leadership” are words that are used every day as if everyone knows what they mean. Thousands of books and articles have been written because professional development of managers is so important to companies. And for those providing training it is a lucrative market. But are companies getting value for money? What is research revealing about the role of leadership in organisations? Since anyone can claim the title of Executive Coach how do you know if the person you choose has high level knowledge and the skills to help managers change from team leader to senior manager and leader? Management involves organising the necessary resources to ensure the mission and goals of the organisation are delivered. Good management is essential and requires practical intelligence to ensure the efficiency of the delivery of the goods or services.

Leadership is about the shift from transactional management to engaging and motivating staff to want to deliver. Leadership is about inspiring people to want to contribute to the improvement of the products, goods and services being produced, inspiring people to want to invest in the organisation, inspiring people to buy the products and services being produced. Good leaders help ensure that at every stage, people are interested and engaged and want to be part of the enterprise.

Good leaders are very valuable assets in any enterprise. They have abilities and qualities that add value to the organisation. Robert Eichinger and Michael Lombardo at Lominger Limited, the Korn Ferry owned executive development and talent management Institute have synthesised huge amounts of research and have convincingly shown that Leader Excellence is one of the 7 top factors in the best performing companies. Further, the top leaders have 6 elements in common. What does this enlightened leader look like? That debate has been going on since the invention of the printing press, and before that, since the spoken word. Does a top leader fit a single pattern? No. Do top leaders have some elements in common? Yes.

All of the research to date can be summarized in six Qs.

  1. IQ – Intelligence Quotient
  2. TQ – Technical/Operational Quotient
  3. MQ – Motivational Quotient
  4. XQ – eXperience Quotient
  5. PQ – People Quotient
  6. LQ – Learning Quotient