Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching for Executive Career Development:

There is Career Coaching and Counselling, and there is Executive Career Coaching. Yes they overlap but as we coach more and more managers who are proactively developing their career, some differences are described.
Executive Career Development is for employees who are usually already in place and have demonstrated capability and talent. Now they want to be proactive and position themselves to be recognised as someone the executive will want to invest in and promote. Dr Moreton has created an innovative and successful fusion of the latest career development insights and processes with the specific needs of senior staff on a leadership trajectory.

Career Coaching and Counselling is pitched at people who are unhappy in their work, who may want to change jobs, who may want to launch their own enterprise and need a reality check, who may be confronting restructure or job loss, or who may be students and graduates checking which course to invest in. There are evidence based psychological processes and profiles that help with these critical decisions.

In addition to descriptors for executive coaching for leadership below, check out the link to Career Coaching & Counselling – living on purpose

Executive Coaching and Leadership Development:

1) Executive Coaching for Executive Managers
On-going on-to-one coaching for the doing and being of high level leaders

2) Executive Coaching for Individual Managers
This 12 session program based on thorough assessment and feedback and KPIs of the manager is tailored to help individual managers become high level leaders

3) Leadership Development Programs in companies and organisations
Executive Coaching in Leadership Development Program – team and individual sessions include; Emotional Intelligence, 360 testing and debriefing, plus various other psychological tests

4) Executive Coaching for Change
Get buy in and maintain good morale. Use team and individual coaching sessions to make your change project one of the 30% of corporate change projects that succeed!

Executive Managers

CEOs and GMs usually meet with their coach for 2 hours a month for an informal but systematic conversation about current ethical, political, personal and business issues. They particularly value the opportunity to “brain-dump” in a confidential, secure environment, if possible outside their workplace and to receive candid feedback, independent perspectives, fresh ideas, and high-level expertise about human behaviour. By brainstorming everything ranging from visionary ideas to practical day-to-day matters — such as announcing strategic changes, dealing with workplace conflict, giving and receiving tough feedback and rehearsing major business negotiations — executive staff renew their passion for the workplace. They find it stimulating, enjoyable and they gain confidence.

Senior managers

Goals for senior managers tend to be around executive career progression and issues of meaning and purpose, global ethics, organisational vision and the best way they can contribute to the company and the planet.

New and middle managers

Get them up and really running. The initial 12 session model is a powerful performance process for healthy motivated people. It is an immensely energising and satisfying way of improving skills identified in 360 and other staff reviews.

Individual and Team

Leadership Development Programs get best results when there is both individual development of managers and team development. We provide team input or comfortably collaborate to implement learnings from with courses offered at various management institutions in Australia and USA.

High quality learning – doing and being – skills and presence

We provide advanced current learning for high potential people who have management and leadership responsibility or potential for such roles. We find most executive staff in successful corporations and public organisations are very intelligent, quick to absorb information and to integrate and apply learning in their complex problem solving situations. Such high-level people are culturally attuned and accustomed to handling subtle and sophisticated negotiations taking into account a multiplicity of complex cultural factors. For such people individual coaching provides a major incremental benefit when it is part of the leadership development program the organisation has mapped out with them.

Deliver results and gain leadership presence

From new managers to experienced senior executives, everyone we have worked with has reported how much they have benefited from the experience. They value new learning, specific to their personal and work situation. They gain confidence, insight, knowledge and new consciousness through conversations which are interesting, stimulating, challenging and very supportive.

Benefits of Executive Coaching for Conscious Leadership with Moreton Executive Coaching

i. Help Senior Managers to think like Executive Managers
Your senior managers will make the shift from being engineers, scientists, and accountants etc who are managers – to Senior Managers who think like Executive Managers and Boards.

Coaching with MEC Coaches will help your managers:

  • develop interpersonal smarts
  • engage and motivate and retain their teams
  • improve team trust
  • develop greater integrity and trust
  • become politically savvy
  • drive for results
  • improve timely decision making
  • increase revenue and reduce costs
  • build better stakeholder relationships
  • help General Managers deliver what the CEO and Board want

ii. Support change projects in your company so they are more likely to succeed
Make your change project one of the 30% of corporate change projects that succeed!

(* From Lead Change – Successfully, 3rd Edition, Harvard Business Review Article Collection, p. 2 (October 2005).

Our executive coaches support the change process your team is committed to so you maintain positive morale in the organisation while driving efficiencies and reduced costs. We run regular groups with the change management team and provide individual coaching throughout the change project to keep up motivation and focus.

iii. Support General Managers in their mentoring role with Senior Managers.
GMs are very busy – our coaches collaborate with GMs by providing personal and business leadership coaching for Senior Managers.

iv. Retain and develop your high potential staff.
At the end of our Leadership Development Programs we ask senior managers to assess the ROI for their companies. At least a third of them say the LDP and especially the coaching relationship is the main reason they stayed on and will stay on in the company.

v. Get more bang for your Leadership buck.
After sending Senior Managers to Management courses – get more value from the investment with follow-up coaching. Whether your managers have done Leadership Development courses at Mt Eliza, AGSM or Melbourne Business School through to Harvard or Columbia Universities, our coaches help managers keep focussed, bring their learning to their teams, and continue to bring about the changes committed to in their courses.

Selecting managers into Leadership Development Programs: Who should you invest in?

You should invest in people who are high in learning agility. In our terms they are more aware and open.

Lombardo and Eichinger (2004) found that people who are likely to be high potential managers:

  1. Seek and have more experiences to learn from;
  2. Enjoy complex first-time problems and challenges associated with new experiences;
  3. Get more out of these experiences because they have an interest in making sense of them; and
  4. Perform better because they incorporate newly learned skills into their repertoire.