Executive coaching is a wonderful means to build substantial leadership, to nurture the human capital of organisations and the energy/spirit of each person.  This is particularly the case when executive management skills, tailored to specific live management situations, are developed through the in-depth/in breadth relationship with a skilled coach.  The process of achievement of organisational management goals (such as staff reviews, enterprise wide systems change, and delivery of specific business management targets) is a vehicle for leadership development (including such things as insight, good judgement, superior relationship building, effective influencing skills, effective change management and presence). By working on what’s right within organisations, coaches and managers can enhance sustainable change that comes from grounded decision making. Managers find the experience very energising personally and professionally and report marked improvement in output and morale in their teams, improved staff engagement, clear strategic decision making and increased quantity and quality in stakeholder relationships as a result of coaching.

Cecily Moreton

B.A., Dip.Ed., B.Th., B.Ed. (Counselling), Ph.D., MAPS, COCP, CDAA

An experienced psychologist, manager and meditator, Cecily is the founding director of Moreton Executive Coaching and has provided leadership coaching for executives from many companies in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong including University of NSW (Heads of Schools, Women in Leadership and Career Planning Programs), GoldWind Australia, APP Corporation,  HealthNSW, PolicyCures, NSWEducation, Minerals and Metals Group, Agfarm, QLDHealth, SEQWaterGrid, Lacima, Westpac, Optus, Vodafone, NSWDET, Dept of Defence, NRMA, Zurich, University Co-op Bookshop, Resmed, CSEnergy, BT Financial Group, ABNAmro, UBS, Genesis Energy New Zealand,Independent Transport Safety Regulator (ITSR), Stanwell Corporation. Her PhD on Executive Coaching for Conscious Leadership was an early substantial contribution to Executive Coaching profession.Cecily has trained dozens of executive coaches in her systematic methodology designed to help managers achieve and go beyond their management and leadership goals within business parameters. Cecily has presented at psychological, coaching conferences, and Leadership and Management Conferences e.g. The Women in Leadership Queensland Summit 2015; Women in Project Management Leadership Summits 2016 and 2017.

In addition to her morale boosting strong positive energy, genuineness and breadth of experience, Dr Moreton continues to keep at the cutting edge e.g. applying research from neuroscience, from the intersection of neuroscience and Buddhist practice through Conscious Leadership, and from outstanding leadership research institutes such as Lominger/Korn Ferry.

Executive staff enjoy coaching sessions, responding richly to the empowering relationship, the rare opportunity to discuss work and life concerns and for clear constructive feedback from someone whose expertise they can trust. While new managers seek skills development, senior staff goals may be around issues of meaning and purpose, global ethics, organisational vision and the best way they can and their organisations can contribute to the planet.