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Testimonial from Fergus Pitt

“Cecily, the sessions you ran for me were massively helpful and have yielded a big tangible result faster than I expected. They were enjoyable as well. In particular, I appreciate the techniques you had for helping me identify and articulate what would motivate and fulfil me, and how to talk about my value. It resulted in a set of stepping stones that led to a new job that leverages my experience and skills, and looks like it’ll provide a great professional trajectory for the future. Thanks again.” Fergus Pitt

Who has Career Coaching?

Everybody from school leavers to executive managers strategizing their next career steps.

Changing economic times and new technologies bring disruptions, workplace restructures, and demands for agile staffing – and an increase of people needing to find a new way forward.  Executives I work closely with tell me the economy is both strong AND has also been showing all the signs of being on the edge of recession for the last year.

We work mostly with experienced professional, business and academic people who want career coaching to position themselves for promotion, for a new role, or for a restructure and transition to a new phase.  Others want to move on because they have gone as far as they can go in the current role, or perhaps find opportunities closed to them because they are on the outer in workplace power dynamics. Everyone wants information to make decisions

Career coaching with a highly qualified accredited career coach will help clarify your direction and ensure the path you are on will enable you to enjoy working and learning and achieving your goals.

We use psychological profiles that have independently assessed validity and reliability and are more likely to be an accurate reflection of you.

We draw on our experience with all the high performing people we have every worked with to share what works. We take a systemic view of your situation and help you devise a strategy that will take you forward.

Everyone enjoys the process and the stimulation of getting such interesting feedback about themselves.
Career Coaching and Counselling is pitched at people who are unhappy in their work, who may want to change jobs, who may want to launch their own enterprise and need a reality check, who may be confronting restructure or job loss, or who may be students and graduates checking which course to invest in. There are evidence based psychological processes and profiles that help with these critical decisions.

In addition to descriptors for executive coaching for leadership below, check out the link to Career Coaching & Counselling – living on purpose

There are key points in our lives when we realise we are off track and it is time to get a new direction and to get happy.

People seek career coaching/counselling for many reasons – some of these reasons are:

  • They need a new work/learning plan to go forward with
  • They are not enjoying work and find they don’t want to go some days
  • They know what they want but not how to get there
  • They have a dream and need to check out if it is a good idea and able to be done
  • They want to start a new enterprise – and want to check if they have what it takesto be an entrepreneur
  • They want to review and update their work/career direction
  • They want renewed focus
  • All is going fine but they have lost interest and need a new challenge
  • They are returning to work after a time away
  • · They were made redundant and want to know how to get work in the new labour paradigm

A good career coach can help you

  • recognise your strengths
  • gain insight and confidence
  • recognise the practical and psychological road blocks and move or work around them
  • choose work and ongoing study that fits your strength and potential
  • lift your motivation to achieve your goals
  • do a reality check with quality profiles only available to psychologists
  • explore what the issues are – this job, this industry, these colleagues, this culture, family matters – to ensure you are solving the real problem
  • create a clear picture – a NEW ME – to aim for
  • create a strategic plan towards achieving that picture
  • step by step action the plan

While our own state of mind is key to our happiness, work is very important. By finding work that is a good fit for us, that is interesting with enough challenge, new learning, satisfying output, good relationships and benefits of security and opportunity, it is easier to focus and enjoy our lives.

In line with the rest of Dr Moreton’s Conscious Leadership model, her approach to career coaching is a one of developing awareness so we live and work more consciously.

Conscious Career coaching can help you to get a new direction and renewed motivation, energy and satisfaction in your work.

In addition to the usual focus on issues such as career exploration, career change, personal career development pursued by Career psychologists, Cecily Moreton incorporates a perspective that deeply considers your being and inner imperative – some call this a spiritual exploration, many call it an exploration of their own mind and consciousness.

Like early Vocational Guidance Counsellors who helped people find their calling, Cecily asks:

  • Are you living consciously?
  • Are you living on purpose?
  • Are you realising your potential?
  • Are you making a difference with your particular gifts and aptitudes?
  • What difference are you called to make in your whole life – in your family, your community and at work?

Career Coaching Services

  1. Career Coaching – Individual – Discover your path and next steps
  2. Career Coaching – Group workshops “Where To Now”
  3. Career Coaching for Outplacement
  4. Resume & Interview Skills

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Feedback about Career Coaching with Cecily Moreton

I was in Year 12 and the time had come for making my preferences for University… I didn’t even know where to begin… Cecily told me the jobs that were suited to me… Once I knew the sort of occupation I wanted to go into, I had a long term goal to work towards. After going to Cecily I was far more relaxed and happy about making decisions for the future… Jessie (age 18)

Working with you is a trek across Nepal – it’s a challenge, the scenery is beautiful, there are deep insights at every step. Yes you learn how to do heaps and you achieve lots of goals. But it is a very meaningful spiritual journey. At the end of the trek you know why you’re on the planet. It is so motivating and amazing. (age 40s)

After years as a public servant, I wanted to re-evaluate my priorities and career direction… I got a comprehensive profile, clarified my skill areas, and useful recommendations. It was so valuable! Sue (age 40s)

It was superb. I knew in the back of my mind what I wanted, but the career process was an opportunity to find out more about myself, and it gave me options for what I really could be doing in the future, and how to get into it. It brought out things I was thinking about deep down. It was definitely worthwhile for me. Alex (age 18)

“Happiness is determined more by the state of one’s mind than by one’s external conditions, circumstances, or events- at least once one’s basic survival needs are met. Happiness can be achieved through the systematic training of our hearts and minds, through reshaping our attitudes and outlook.”

Dalai Lama