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Cecily Moreton

Dr. Cecily Moreton Director

B.A., Dip.Ed. B.Th., B.Ed.
(Counselling), Ph.D., MAPS,

The dramatic Australian and global economy changes since 2008 are still playing out. Business globally is markedly different post GFC and current leadership challenges require different approaches from just a few years ago. For example, in addition to managing engagement post GFC, product development, sales, marketing, risk etc are impacted by the speed of the information age. There are on-going mergers, acquisitions and restructures of corporates and public service departments as both sectors cut costs.

Leadership more than ever requires a new mind.

Executive Coaching for Conscious Leadership is a positive, proactive one-to-one and team approach. It’s about helping managers become real leaders who think with a new mind.

Top people are not automatically good leaders – but they can be. We combine the best executive coaching with business strategy and people-engagement to help competent and motivated managers lead business success. Leaders need and seek a few highly professional confidential relationships where they can take time out, be completely open, reflect, gain powerful insight and real leadership growth. An industry mentor or a small confidential forum of CEO peers is immensely valuable. But no one can help you cut through to what matters like a well matched executive coach.

Coaching with the right coach will help you become a better leader – better relationship behaviours achieves better business results. Culture enables business. Have a look at the testimonial/feedback page.

Coaching with the right coach will help you devise and implement a career strategy to create a groundswell of positive opinion about your suitability for promotion.

Help your people flourish with our individually tailored program. A one-to-one confidential genuine relationship with a high level external executive coaching allows for candid reflection and challenging feedback.

Leaders learn best through dealing with real people and real-time situations. Senior staff value genuine feedback about their relationship building from a leading psychologist who cuts through to reality.

Top execs relish the insight and enjoy the business success and career openings they deliver. And many report that coaching has provided substantial personal support through difficult times and transformed both their professional and personal lives.

Few Board members have experienced executive coaching themselves. They may not have experienced the benefit of a coach for executive managers to maintain energy, drive, confidence and resilience. Choose a coach with the depth and presence you need, who can match you.

Bio: Dr Cecily Moreton

An experienced psychologist, manager and meditator, Cecily is the founding director of Moreton Executive Coaching and has provided leadership coaching for executives from many companies in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong including University of NSW (Heads of Schools, Women in Leadership and Career Planning Programs), GoldWind Australia, APP Corporation,  HealthNSW, PolicyCures, NSWEducation, Minerals and Metals Group, Agfarm, QLDHealth, SEQWaterGrid, Lacima, Westpac, Optus, Vodafone, NSWDET, Dept of Defence, NRMA, Zurich, University Co-op Bookshop, Resmed, CSEnergy, BT Financial Group, ABNAmro, UBS, Genesis Energy New Zealand, Independent Transport Safety Regulator (ITSR), Stanwell Corporation. Her PhD on Executive Coaching for Conscious Leadership was an early substantial contribution to Executive Coaching profession. Cecily has trained dozens of executive coaches in her systematic methodology designed to help managers achieve and go beyond their management and leadership goals within business parameters. Cecily has presented at psychological, coaching conferences, and Leadership and Management Conferences e.g. The Women in Leadership Queensland Summit 2015; Women in Project Management Leadership Summits 2016 and 2017.

In addition to her morale boosting strong positive energy, genuineness and breadth of experience, Dr Moreton continues to keep at the cutting edge e.g. applying research from neuroscience, from the intersection of neuroscience and Buddhist practice through Conscious Leadership, and from outstanding leadership research institutes such as Lominger/Korn Ferry.

Executive staff enjoy coaching sessions, responding richly to the empowering relationship, the rare opportunity to discuss work and life concerns and for clear constructive feedback from someone whose expertise they can trust. While new managers seek skills development, senior staff goals may be around issues of meaning and purpose, global ethics, organisational vision and the best way they can and their organisations can contribute to the planet.

What colleagues say about Dr Cecily Moreton:

“You are warm, intelligent, and practical – real change happens.”

“You are very good at giving very clear feedback – it may be tough, but your ego is not driving it so it is really helpful and builds self esteem.”

“Your work looks practical, but you are always working at a much deeper level. There are many polished practitioners, but they don’t have the knowledge, depth and wisdom you bring”.

“You help people achieve their goals, but you also get them tuned in to who they actually are. You ask them about where they should be, what their particular life path is, what are they here to do. You bring people home to themselves. That is why they become true leaders.”


Leadership development is the focus of all consultants at Moreton Executive Coaching. The content and processes of all our leadership and executive coaching programs are research based. In particular our Leadership Development Programs and Executive Coach training programs are grounded in research, from the doctoral research of Dr Cecily Moreton 2006 to the latest developments in neuroleadership.

Cecily has trained 45 coaches in the Conscious Leadership model and draws on these people to provide services as needed and provides professional supervision for them and oversight of all programs.

MEC Coaches provide services in a range of HR and Training areas, group facilitation, leadership training for new managers, change management and of course leadership Coaching for executive managers.

We have administration and debrief competency with tools such as MSQEIT, Baron EQi, DiSC, HDBI, Voices, CISS, MLQ